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Antonio Conte was livid with Tottenham Hotspur after their defeat to Burnley on the 24th of February and he did not shy away from showing his anger.

This comes after winning against ‘the Manchester City’ at the Etihad and then losing to Burnley a week after.

This right here perfectly sums up Tottenham as a club in recent times. Inconsistent, with little drive, no power, and at times simply a lack of ambition.

Another example of their inconsistency: the week after Burnley, they went to Leeds and thrashed Bielsa’s team 4-0, only to lose in the FA Cup to Middlesbrough on Tuesday (1st March).

Tottenham Hotspurs are out of the FA Cup, which ends their hope of winning a trophy for yet another season.

Comments after the Burnley game

Antonio Conte was not a pleased man after the Burnley game.

an emotional Conte told Sky Sports News: “It was difficult tonight and not only tonight — in the last five games we lost four games.

“It means there will be assessment, assessment about the club, about me. The club has to make an assessment, also to speak together, to understand which is the best solution.

“In this situation, the players are always the same. In this club, they change the coaches. The players are the same but the result doesn’t change. I repeat.

“I’m too honest to accept this type of situation and for sure we make an assessment with the club because I repeat, it’s not right, it’s not good for everybody to continue to lose. I can’t accept this and it’s not good for no one.”

Talk with Levy

After this burst out, sure there were rumors of Conte leaving Tottenham but all of that was nullified when Conte talked with Daniel Levy.

He said: “I spoke with Daniel. I don’t like that someone tries to create a problem between me and the club because this is not the truth. Believe me, this is not the truth.

“Our chairman Daniel Levy knows very well that I am here to help the club in every moment and I will help the club until the end. This is the reality and he knows this.

“He knows that we are working very hard and he has great consideration about my job, about the job of my staff. We speak.

“I want to help the club in every aspect with my vision and my idea, and my ideas about football for improvement. I repeat, there is no problem.

Emotional Conte

Conte also admitted that he gets emotional after games and apologized for his unusual post-match interview at Turf Moor.

“For sure when I lose a game I am not the person to go and have a dinner,” he said. “I think that I am not the right person, when I lose a game my mood is very bad and I prefer to stay alone and live the defeat, to stay alone and metabolize the defeat.

“I need one day to recover at least. This is me. It is me. I don’t like to lose. If you ask me what I hate in life it is to lose games.

“For sure when I lose, if you expect that I am happy or to come to a press conference and laugh, I am not this person. I am sorry if I show my disappointment because maybe it would be good to keep this inside and not show my emotion.

“I am an honest person; it is difficult for me to lie or hide the truth.”

What will follow for Tottenham only time will tell, but having a passionate, emotional manager is the least of their worries!