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The Scottish Premiership has already begun for the 2019/20 season and we are eager to see how it pans out for Rangers. But, first of all, let’s take ourselves all the way back to 2012 when Rangers went into administration on Valentine’s Day. The club had reached some financial difficulties, surrounded by court cases and allegations – it all got a little bit messy for Craig Whyte who at the time was the owner of the Ibrox club.

At the point of announcing their administration, the Scottish Premier League deducted 10 points from the club’s tally which left them 14 points behind rivals Celtic, in second place. After that Whyte had released how he managed to fund his ownership of the club, and the club was fined £50,000 for failing to disclose Whyte’s previous directorship ban, only adding to the despair of dedicated fans. In total, the club owed £55 million to various creditors and £79 million in unpaid tax. Some takeover bids were dropped quickly after a 12-month player registration embargo was put into place. On June 14th Rangers’ liquidation was announced and all of the club’s assets were sold to Charles Green’s Sevco Scotland Ltd Company for just £5.5 million.

Liquidation was devastating for the club, but it was a breath of new air, the uncertainty had gone, Rangers were finally put firmly in their place. The club’s bid to transfer positioning in the Scottish Premier League was denied, not only that but as a newco team, they had to start from the very bottom. It is still debated whether or not the Rangers we know today is the same club or just the same name, although Charles Green says it is the same club, just a different company.

After all the palaver surrounding the club, they slowly pushed their way back from the very bottom of the Scottish Football League. They began the season 2012/13 at the bottom in the fourth tier of Scottish football. The start of the season was a little shaky, with three draws and one loss in their opening seven games – it wasn’t exactly a positive start but that was understandable. They picked themselves up and almost rebooted themselves as they went on to win another 22 games and only losing two for the rest of the season. Of course, this meant that the side had successfully won the league by a massive margin of 24 points. For the loyal fans who continued to turn up week in week out, the fog had started to lift and the sun was starting to shine bright for the future of Rangers.

In the 2013/14 season the club was still under their year-long transfer embargo, so couldn’t quite harness the abilities of the players who had signed during the summer months. That didn’t seem to faze the side though and even though they experienced further turmoil with managers in and out of the club, the players had their hearts set on one thing, promotion. In an incredible season, Rangers went undefeated in Scottish League One, winning all but three of their games.

The club then spent two years in the Scottish Championship, just missing out on automatic promotion when they finished third in 2014/15 and then blundering out in the play-off final to Motherwell, losing 3-0.

However, in 2016 we heard the birds chirping success once more, as Ranger finished top of the Scottish Championship and were automatically promoted into what some would say, their rightful place, of the Scottish Premiership.

It has been quite the journey for the club, but it hasn’t ended yet. When Rangers began this downward spiral, they had won the Premier League title a mind-blowing 54 times, but they haven’t won it yet since their return in the 2016/17 season. Having finished third twice and second last season, we think this year, might just be it. The club and fans can now rest easier knowing that not only did they do right to stick by their club, but it was all worth it in the end. We know who we’re backing this year but you can find the Scottish Premiership winner betting odds here.