Worries from the Weekend

Raheem Sterling chooses the worst week ever to go down as if he has been shot

I mean, really. After the week you’d just had, it probably wasn’t a good idea to go down as if you’d been shot now, was it Raheem?
Raheem Sterling ended a week where he’d been forced to come out and justify a tattoo that was a tribute to his father, who was gunned down when he was two, by getting booked for diving at Wembley in England’s win over Nigeria.
The S*n, the Telegraph and Good Morning Britain were already trying to work out how best to crowbar in the fact Raheem had turned up 12 hours late to training on Friday before he took a tumble in the area early in the second half.
Piers Morgan, apoplectic at the thought of anything to do with guns, despite supporting Arsenal (nickname the Gunners) and being friends with their mascot (named Gunnersauraus) had called for Sterling to be withdrawn from the England squad unless he removed the tattoo. I know Blighty is in a bit of disarray at the moment, but if Morgan has been nominated moral guardian I am glad I nipped off to Spain when I did.
Morgan, because frankly he is bit a of an idiot, was then spotted smoking cigar after cigar and gleefully taking photographs of this and whacking it on social media. FYI, Piers – smoking has been directly linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths a year. Tattoos, as far as I know, have not. Well done.
Personally, if the S*n could ever find it within their empty souls to do anything useful in the world, they would be better off trying to hound out that increasingly annoying England Brass Band who seem to go everywhere the England team play. Or, if the dark talk about Russian Ultras looking to attack England fans is true, can we put the band in the firing line first, then the drunken idiots that will no doubt embarrass us at some point?
Gareth Southgate is growing on me, I have to say. Having watched England play very well indeed in the first half, he clearly asked the side to be rubbish in the second half to dampen down expectations once more.
Nigeria were awful in the first half, not helped by that much-over-rated kit they were wearing. Personally, I was struggling to make them out against the England players on TV and considering there were two incidents involving clashes of heads, it looked like the Nigerians were struggling to make each other out themselves.
And then there was the constant booing of Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli. How dare he opt to play for the country in which he was born and has lived his life ahead of the country of his father, the man he hates.
The game fizzled out like these games do, the last ten minutes at a walking pace that would not have been out of place in 1962.
Still, in better news for some people, Real Madrid have called off their efforts to persuade Mauricio Pochettino to become their new manager. It couldn’t actually end up being Arsene, could it?
So Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have both disappeared at the same time to start their managerial careers. Did they not learn anything from their playing days together for England? If one goes, one has to stay. Zero discipline being shown once more from these guys, both wanting the glory.
The brief moments where West Ham United looked to be implementing a sensible, coherent transfer plan lasted less than a week since Pellegrino was appointed. They are on the verge of paying PSG’s Javier Pastore a barrow-load of money to come and play for them next season. Pastore, used to supplying the goals for the likes of Edinson Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his time in Paris might be a little deflated once he pings one in behind for Andy Carroll to amble on to.
Oh, and Vincent Kompany, despite having a mattress with his name on it, has picked up an injury meaning he might miss the World Cup. In other news, water is wet.