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Ah, the PFA Awards where people tell us who the best player in the leagues are before the season has even finished. OK, sure, the Premier League is done and dusted already and there isn’t a great deal of quarrel over Mo Salah picking up Player of the Year for scoring an absolute shedload in his return to England, but generally I do feel that having an award ceremony before the last ball has been kicked is a bit daft. I mean, what if Harry Kane scores twenty between now and the World Cup? He might, he might (especially if he claims every one Tottenham score between now and then).

Speaking of Harry, do we know if he was actually offended by the FA’s ‘official’ tweet after the FA Cup semi-final, pointing out that he has been in the pocket of Chris Smalling for the entire game? Either way, the FA have apologised but we do have excuse number one ready for when England fail to impress against Panama in a few weeks time.

Newcastle United were already safe as were Everton, heading into last night’s clash at Goodison Park. ‘Clash’ might have been overcooking it somewhat as the whole affair smelled of “end-of-season-run-out” from where I was watching. Theo Walcott scored the winner meaning that Sham Allarfarce has even more reason to tell Everton fans where to stick their survey.

Jurgen Klopp has fancied Napoli’s Jorginho for quite a while now. The only problem for King Kloppo is that Manchester City are having a look now they seemed to have caught the eye of Jorginho himself. Does he love Pep or does he love Jurgen? Which one does he lie in bed at night dreaming about? Not content with nabbing one potential love off of Liverpool, City are after Shakhtar Donetsk’s Fred as well, meaning King Kloppo might have to get used to feeling spurned.

One player thought to be on his way out of the Etihad is England’s answer to Virgil van Dijk, John Stones. Clearly, Pep has finally decided that he does want a defender who can defend a bit as well as pass the ball very nicely indeed?

Fernando Llorente seems to be coming to the conclusion that sitting on the Tottenham bench for a season waiting for Harry to be rested is not the best use of a career. As a result, he could well be off to Northern Spain once again, to pull on the shirt of his hometown club Athletic Bilbao once more.

One of the bigger questions is, “who will replace Arsene?” We don’t have any top tips here, I am afraid, other than Luis Enrique, Max Allegri and Mikael Arteta all being linked. Personally, I’d get on the phone to Tony and get him and Bouldy back in action together.

(I wouldn’t really).