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In their quest for further growth, Betiton, a young sportsbook that has achieved astonishing growth, has partnered up with ex-Liverpool and Marseille striker Djibril Cissé in order to boost their marketing strategy

Famed footballer Djibril Cissé has joined the team behind the Betiton brand. The promising young sportsbook has seen tremendous growth in the time it has been operating—which is slightly more than a year. Their collaboration with Djibril is proof of the impressive growth that the brand has undergone.

However, they’re aiming for further growth, which is why they’ve decided to partner up with Djibril Cissé. Djibril will be assisting with Betiton’s marketing efforts, thus helping them in getting their name out there. However, it’s not simply the combination of Djibril’s fame and past achievements that will help the sportsbook in growing further.

It’s also the combination of Djibril’s various personal qualities, including his charisma, his will to succeed, and his tenacity when facing any form of adversity, that will prove to be a valuable asset for Betiton—and the Betiton team are well aware of it. Moreover, the team behind the emergent betting brand are truly excited at the opportunity of being able to work alongside the renowned footballer.

The exhilaration has been expressed best by the leader of the team: Arnaud Serour, the CEO & co-founder of Betiton. When asked for his thoughts on the partnership, Serour spoke in extremely positive terms, lauding Cissé’s achievements, his personality, as well as the ease in working with him.

In fact, Serour said: “Djibril Cissé is not only a major football star who has had an incredible career playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world, he has also overcome major injury setbacks and for us is the embodiment of determination and character. We have been working with him daily for the last few weeks, he’s a joy to work with and develop ideas and is also a fantastic human being.”

It’s not only the Betiton team, however, that are expressing their exhilaration at this partnership. Djibril Cissé himself has also gone on record as being thrilled to work with the team as well as having great admiration for their ambitions to be amongst the best and their determination to do so.

In fact, when asked to comment on the partnership, Cissé said: “We connected immediately with Arnaud and his team. I’ve been struck by Betiton’s motivation and vision to be a leading operator in the gaming industry. I am confident we will reach those goals and am really looking forward to it. Game on!”

There are a number of things in the pipeline that will come out of this partnership, including a series of mini-interviews with Djibril.

Djibril Cissé’s professional career goes all the way back to 1998 when he played with AJ Auxerre, a club whose speciality is developing young players into fully fledged footballers. Djibril is no exception to this as his time with AJ Auxerre transformed him into a fierce striker that was ready to take the world of football head-on.

In fact, Djibril scored 70 goals in 128 appearances for AJ Auxerre and was the top scorer in Ligue 1 in the 2001-2002 season with 22 goals in 29 league matches. However, despite his success with the club, Djibril’s ambitions took him to the other side of the English Channel, all the way to Anfield Stadium, the home of Liverpool.

There, Djibril was prepared to compete in the Premier League with all he had. Sadly, however, despite being one of the most promising players of his time, a freak accident stopped him short from becoming one of the greatest strikers in the history of Liverpool—and nearly took away his ability to play football forever.

Yet, never one for giving up, Djibril took to the field a few months after his injury and played as if nothing had ever happened. Thanks to his contributions, Liverpool went on to win the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2005, and the FA Cup in 2006. However, despite his contributions, his time with the Reds was cut short in 2006, when he was loaned to Olympique de Marseille for a season.

After the loan, he was transferred to that same club in 2007—but not before unfortunately experiencing another tragic accident that could have also ended his career. Whilst Djibril bounced back in his usual fashion, the injury meant that his time with Marseille was far from being the highlight of his career.

Thus, in 2008, Marseille loaned him out to Sunderland, where Djibril played in the Premier League for another time. There, he played for an entire season, with Sunderland seriously considering signing Djibril on for good. However, the transfer fee proved too steep for the Black Cats and thus, they had to let go of the French striker.

In 2009, Djibril went on to play with the Athenian team Panathinaikos, which proved to be one of the highlights of his career. In fact, Djibril’s performances with the team earned him the love and respect of fans, and with good reason: in 61 appearances, Djibril managed to score 47 goals. However, his time in Greece was not to last.

Djibril found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the way football was managed in Greece, particularly the refereeing system. Which is why he finally left the club in 2011, joining S.S. Lazio to give the Italian league, Serie A, a try. However, even here, Djibril found cause for dissatisfaction, as he found out that the style of Italian football didn’t quite gel with his own.

Thus, in 2012, Djibril signed a contract with the Queens Park Rangers, which meant that he was playing in the Premier League for the third time. However, his time with this club was also cut short in 2013, when Djibril left the team for reasons that remain unknown to this day.

Since then, Djibril has moved from club to club, often playing for no more than a season. In between playing for different clubs, Djibril has even retired from professional football twice. Whilst away from football, Djibril kept himself busy through various endeavours, including modelling and DJing.

However, whilst you can take the footballer out of the game, you can’t take the game out of the footballer, and Djibril has decided to play football professionally once more. In fact, nowadays you can find him playing for Panathinaikos Chicago in the National Premier Soccer League.