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Can we milk the fact England won a competitive match against Spain in Spain for just another 24 hours? Oh, go on. Can we? Can we?

Of course, we bloody well can. I mean, there’s not a lot else going on and the papers are full of it which tells me there are plenty of things we can point the finger of fun at.

Firstly, a round of applause to the player who is suddenly acting more Danny Dyer than Eric Dier. The Tottenham midfielder seems to have appointed himself the team’s enforcer off the back of two fouls on Monday night. Yes, it was good to see him getting after Busquets after only 18 seconds and who doesn’t love seeing Sergio Ramos carved in two but still, I don’t think Eric would hold his own against some of football’s actual hard men of years gone by.

It would be easy to assume that the manager, Gareth Southgate, had had a run in with Dier as he left Spain with his thumb bandaged up. Is Southgate the most accident-prone manager in England’s history? In the World Cup he dislocated his shoulder going for a run and in Spain he managed to slice his thumb open cutting some bread. Seriously, can we get Joe Hart back in the squad just to look after him or something?

Harry Winks has said he would happily drop down to the U21s next summer for the Euros as he needs all the football he can get right now. Just by playing the full 90 for England, Winks has almost doubled his game time this season.  Get yourself off to Germany, Harry. It’s the place to be, apparently.

Dortmund are so happy with how nicking Jadon Sancho from Man City has worked out that they are hoping to dangle the same sort of carrot to Phil Foden, who is running out of patience already this season. With Reiss Nelson doing so well in the Bundesliga as well, we could see a mass exodus of this crop of English players heading abroad to get some game time and, frankly, so they should. Unless you are Raheem Sterling or Harry Kane, absolutely guaranteed to start 90% of your matches in the Premier League then be brave. Go abroad. The sun shines and everything.

Whilst Foden might be thinking of leaving, Peppy G is thinking of more talent to bring into the City midfield and this week he is eyeing up Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong. Frenkie would instantly have the coolest name in the City midfield if nothing else and that certainly makes him worth the £62m Ajax are hoping to persuade City or Barcelona to spend.

If Liverpool are genuinely keen on Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne then it’s going to cost them £200m to get him. Why? That’s the release clause that has been verbally agreed between Napoli and Insigne’s agent. Verbally? Yeah, try and get that to stick when Insigne’s Mr 10% smells a cut of a big signing on fee.

Ex-Man City striker Edin Dzeko would like to return to the Premier League, apparently. He must be delighted to learn that the clubs who have had their ears prick up at this news include Southampton, Crystal Palace and Cardiff.