SOCCER - A.Klagenfurt vs Southampton, test match KLAGENFURT,AUSTRIA,18.JUL.22 - SOCCER - ADMIRAL Bundesliga, Premier League, SK Austria Klagenfurt vs FC Southampton, test match. Image shows a ball. PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxAUTxSUIxSWE GEPAxpictures/xFlorianxMori

Well, I hope you are liking our quizzes and are ready for the latest one – our Catenaccio Quiz.

I bet half of you lot don’t even know what ‘Catenaccio’ is, do you?

It had been and gone by the time James Richardson cracked on with ‘Football Italia’ on Channel 4.

It’s all about proper defensive football. No, no. Not that rubbish Sam Allardyce serves up. Actual catenaccio means going on to win things too.

If you do know a bit about it, test yourself here and indeed now.