SOCCER - A.Klagenfurt vs Southampton, test match KLAGENFURT,AUSTRIA,18.JUL.22 - SOCCER - ADMIRAL Bundesliga, Premier League, SK Austria Klagenfurt vs FC Southampton, test match. Image shows a ball. PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxAUTxSUIxSWE GEPAxpictures/xFlorianxMori

We could give you a rundown of the Russian team and their chances as host nation but let’s be honest, even Vladimir Putin and all the Russian doping experts won’t get them to the knockout stages. So instead we provide you with some useful phrases, facts and historical knowledge about the biggest country in the world. Like that. That was a fact. We’ll use that one. Oh and just because we can, we also have a pop at Piers Morgan as he lays into Raheem Sterling about that tattoo. It’s kind of what we do. We’re funny like that. Anyway, if this is your first time to the comedy party welcome!

For this special episode, we’ve teamed up with Tactics FC and a whole load of other football podcasts. Each show will be covering off a different nation competing in the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

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This weeks guest voice is Tony Laming.

We’ll be back with shorter, more regular shows during the World Cup.