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With the NFL regularly coming to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, it only seemed right that some of the Premier League side’s players were tested on their knowledge regarding the sport.

The north London outfit host a couple of games regularly each season and puts on a great advert for the game on this side of the Atlantic, as more and more fans regularly continue to get excited and involved when the teams turn the football pitch into a gridiron.

The Betway Insider video shows Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Sergio Reguilon, Ben Davies, and Lucas Moura being put through their paces to see what their knowledge about American Football and the NFL is like and it becomes evident that there are some differences in the level that each individual has.

The NFL challenge was competed across three different rounds that tested the players on a variety of different things.

The first round saw the Tottenham players have to compete against each other in their teams in a game of charades, where one would act out the NFL team and the other would be required to guess what team it was.

This round saw Hojbjerg and Reguilon do rather well, although that could be due to the impressive actions that the Spaniard managed to do, with his Cowboys and Dolphins impressions rather spot on.

Davies appeared to struggle to get what Moura was doing at times, thus providing the former team with a 4-3 lead as we headed into round 2.

This round, though, separated the experts from the novices as it was clear that one team had been following the NFL closely compared to the other.

Hojbjerg and Reguilon appeared to have no idea what certain NFL terms had meant, which left the other team laughing – literally – all the way. Indeed, Moura and Davies were impressive as they knew some rather specific terms and could explain them perfectly.

The final round saw the two teams have to compete against each other in a geography-based quiz, as they were tasked with trying to locate where each of the NFL teams played on a blank map of the United States of America.

At the end of the NFL challenge, Davies and Moura were named the winners as they beat the team of Reguilon and Hojbjerg by 12 points to 11; much to the surprise of the Wales international as he questioned how bad the other team were for them to win.