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What on earth could be finer than a Magnificent 7, I wonder? You’re one step ahead of me, aren’t you. You’re thinking, ‘Famous Five’ or ‘Fantastic Four!’ Incorrect, my friend, incorrect. It’s not even going to be called ‘Arsene Wenger and x amount of others’ as he is buggering off soon.

Welcome to the Super Six which is better for me as I was often scrabbling around for that 7th person.

#1 Arsene Wenger

I know, who’d have thought Arsene would make the list this week? Well, it is finally over for Wenger – although it isn’t really over as we still have the farewell tour until the end of the season. But, after 22 years, Wenger has finally decided to hang that coat up and get something without a zip. A wise choice. The thing is, it’s not actually over for Arsene as he is bound to have one final hurrah at another big club – maybe Paris Saint-Germain?

#2 Harry Kane

Another regular face in today’s lineup. I have no idea how upset Harry was after the official FA Cup Twitter account mentioned the fact he’d been noticed sitting in Chris Smalling’s pocket for rather a long time at Wembley, but I can only assume that Harry sent in an official appeal and the tweet was, eventually, awarded to him.

#3 Mohamed Salah

He’s done alright this season, hasn’t he? 40+ goals and now the PFA Player of the Year Award for the old mantlepiece. Now, this is being written before they get underway at Anfield tonight. Will we see a different Salah tonight, weighed down by the presence of the award? Has he won what he really wanted to win this season? Probably not, I can see him causing his old mates at Roma all kinds of problems.

#4 Darren Moore

I said this on a completely different page last week. Get to the end of the season, Darren, and retire from management. You’ve beaten Jose and you’ve drawn with Jurgen after a tactical change at 2-0 down. It is not, I promise you, going to get better than this.

#5 Wilfried Zaha

How many times did Watford try and break his kneecaps on Saturday? Yes, I know people think he likes a bit of a tumble but I personally thought there were three fouls in that incident, let alone one. And it certainly was not a dive. I feel for Wilf, he is a player that exudes passion for his club. And he has skill which should be applauded. That was not a dive, ever, ever, never.

#6 Olivier Giroud

I have a lot of time for anyone that can be funny in their second language and Olivier became even more beautiful to me on Sunday. Not only did he slalom his way past the entire Southampton side in their own 6-yard box, he managed to make a skiing joke on live TV after the game. Bravo, Olivier, bravo.