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We opened this week on a sombre note. With the horrible news surrounding Glenn Hoddle and Leicester City’s owner, it’s only fitting that Match of the Day began this way.

Gary threw to the Leicester vs West Ham game first but the truth is that, with everything that happened after, the 1-1 draw is completely inconsequential.

Liverpool vs Cardiff

It’s tough to really segue away from all the sad news of Saturday but this is Pick on the Pundits so I’m pretty much contractually obligated to do so.

The big game this weekend was at Anfield where Jurgen Klopp has been saying nice things about Neil Warnock. Now, that’s only because he hasn’t met that saggy-faced old bastard before but why would we ruin the surprise for him?

Actually, Neil might have been in a decent mood considering Cardiff won last week. It was only Fulham though…

Well, that was easy. Liverpool never really needed to try too hard to beat Cardiff and still managed to score four. To be fair to Cardiff, they did show up. Good for them. Shoutout to Dejan Lovren too for tripping over his own feet, the useless cu…

Oh, look our pundits are Jermaine Jenas and Phil Neville. *groans*

Defending Watch

It’s time for my favourite segment of the week – how s**t are Fulham this week.

Let’s do this:

  1. Lewis Cook picks up the ball and promptly just wanders through Fulham’s midfield three. Fosu-Mensah decides to just bulldoze through Callum Wilson in the box which obviously results in a penalty. 1-0 Bournemouth.
  2. This one pains me greatly. Fulham get it into Bournemouth’s box (seriously) and Francis and Smith proceed to play out of trouble through two flimsy challenges. Smith then runs up the right wing a bit past two or three before Seri half can’t be bothered with a challenge. Wilson then wins the 50-50 on the halfway line and now Fulham are f**ked because there’s only two men back who can’t track Brooks who scores. 2-0 and f**k off you wastes of space.
  3. Three passes to go 50 odd yards without a Fulham player anywhere close. What’s the point?

Huddersfield Are Still Here?

Bloody hell, how bad was this Saturday? We travel to Watford where they host Huddersfield. It seems Huddersfield are only around now to make Fulham feel good about themselves.

Well, it appears Watford aren’t taking the rest of the season off then. It probably helps that Roberto Pereyra is quite good at football eh? In the end, it took a couple of pretty good goals to down Huddersfield who are trying their damnedest to not look horrific. Nod to Isaac Success who found success in front of goal for the first time in two years. Until Saturday, he’d scored more prostitutes than league goals.

Brighton vs Wolves

Oh boy, now we’re in the dreg ends. This game was never going to be a classic and, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t. The difference? Glenn Murray, a better goalscorer than businessman.

Newcastle vs Southampton


Absolutely not.