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Yes, you read that title correctly. According to TalkSPORT’s Ian ‘Moose’ Abrahams, English football would be ruined, should said clubs go up.

It has been well documented on social media but I’ve stayed quiet on it. After recent interviews on TalkSport this week, however, I’ve had enough of it. So, I’m going to depict the whole thing on here.

Let’s just start with his main statement: “It’ll be bad for English football, if Norwich and Leeds get promoted to the Premier League”.

“The only way we are going to get more English coaches into the Premier League – we only have four right now – I believe is for them to get their teams promoted.

“Therefore I think it is bad for English football that Norwich and Leeds are the top two in the Championship because they get promoted and that is two more spaces denied to English coaches to the Premier League.”

I mean, this alone raises so many questions. Forget Norwich for a second, as many do. Why would a club of Leeds’ proud history and fan base be bad for the top flight? Non-British managers is the reason according old Mossey.

By the way, I’m not even going to go in on the fact that Moose is a Hammers fan and do in fact have a non-British manager themselves. But poor old Moose’s argument is so flawed that I’ll let that one slide.

Moose is no stranger to controversy when it comes to TalkSPORT. It’s got to the point now, however, that I’m not sure if he’s doing for attention or he’s just an outright dimwit. Most probably a bit of both.

Apparently Norwich have too many foreign players despite the likes of Tod Cantwell, Max Aarons and Ben Godfrey all in the side last week and all exceptional talents.

Leeds, themselves, have Kalvin Phillips, Jack Clarke, Jamie Shackleton, Tom Pearce, all first team regulars and big English talents. But that’s bad for English football? Let’s not forget there has been four academy debuts this season under Marcelo Bielsa.

Okay so his other argument. It stops English managers being able to get to the top flight.

This is on the basis that Premier League clubs won’t appoint Championship managers. It’s a fair comment. However, if Darren Moore can’t get a West Brom team promoted that is that good, then does he deserve to be in the Premier League?

I think he is also forgetting that he is only the fourth foreign manager in our history.

Do you know what, fair play to you Moose my friend. You have got everyone talking about you which I’m sure is what you wanted.

Would he genuinely rather Roy Hodgson and Mark Hughes continue to be appointed for the sake of British managers?

The fact is, British managers that are good enough, will be in the Premier League and stay there. Sean Dyche and Chris Hughton have done sensational jobs promoting a team and keeping them there. Add Eddie Howe to that list as well.

If Darren Moore gets West Brom to the Premier League and keeps them there, we have another good British manager.

The same with Frank Lampard. But wanting them there for the sake of them being British is wrong. If they’re good enough, we will see it happen.

I have proudly bitten to his onslaught. But what would we rather? Challenge promotion with Marcelo Bielsa, or be mid-table with Gary Rowett. Hmm.

The influence Bielsa has had on managers in this country is astonishing and him being here can only improve that further.