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Dear reader, what a fine Tuesday morning it is. Unless, of course, you are of the Chelsea persuasion. Then, I’d imagine, it is a terrible morning given their departure from the FA Cup last night at the hands of Manchester United. Funny football news, you say? Plenty of it this morning.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have made Maurizio Sarri‘s position slightly less tenable last night as United romped to a 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea fans were booing at half-time. They were booing at full-time. But that doesn’t worry Sarri, oh no. He is only interested in ‘results and not the fans.’ Yeah, that’s probably not going to help, Maurizio.

Sarri is thought to be now clinging to his job ‘by a thread’ which means he will be gone very, very soon. People are being quite quick to link Zinedine Zidane to the job because, after all, he has form of turning a load of overpaid prima donnas with far too much player power into Champions League winners. It sounds like the perfect job for him.

As for Solskjaer, well. If anyone was worried about how United would react to losing their first match under him to PSG, I think we saw the answer. Paul Pogba, again, showed those world-class tendencies he does have, almost as if he wanted to make it up to his current boss for picking up two yellows in the Champions League.

The FA Cup draw was conveniently rigged so that the really big teams avoided each other in the quarter-finals. We couldn’t have United and Man City meeting before the chance of filling Wembley now, could we?

City head to Swansea whereas United travel to Wolves. Palace and Watford will both be eyeing a trip to the home of football and Millwall, who get there quite often for a club of their size, will fancy their chances against Brighton.

Tonight sees Liverpool back in the Champions League with their match against Bayern Munich, a club that King Kloppo refuses to believe are in decline. Liverpool ‘cannot afford to believe they are a fading force’ said the manager. Liverpool are likely to go into the match with Fabinho and Joel Matip at centre-back with Virgil van Dijk and Dejan Lovren suspended and injured. That alone might mean Liverpool need to focus on the Premier League come the final whistle.

Klopp also claimed that City refused to sell them Jadon Sancho when the young English Bundlesiga wonderkid decided he wanted to actually play football.

City may not have wanted to sell him to their main rivals or they were just too busy working out which Chinese football club was of interest as they look to increase their ‘portfolio’ of clubs worldwide. Sichuan Jiuniu are in the 3rd Division in China but won’t be for much longer.

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Mesut Ozil’s new contract put him a comfort zone, hence why he’s not really bothering to try any more. Hang on, he looks just like he has always looked, doesn’t he?