Room 443

Judging a team after one game is never a good idea yet after this weekend’s Premier League action, it’s obvious that West Ham are 100% getting relegated and Arsenal are still miles off and obviously won’t get any better under Unai Emery? Right? Obviously, it is far too early to tell at this point in the season how good every team in the league is but according to some fans and some elements of a media, the above statements are a done deal. These kinds of ludicrously early judgments are starting to get on my nerves hence why they belong in Room 433, a concept that is definitely not anything like BBC’s Room 101 for those asking.

In particular, a few opinions have been irritating me this weekend. Some people have already written off West Ham as relegation fodder and that to me is absolutely mad. There is no getting away from the fact they were utterly trounced by Liverpool at the weekend and certainly, some of their tactics played into the Reds’ hands no question. But West Ham have a whole host of new players as well as a new manager so they were hardly going to look great against a Liverpool side that are, in my eyes, the second best side in the division. Plenty of improvement is needed at West Ham but to write them off after one game is ludicrous.

Arsenal too have been the subject of some absolutely ludicrous opinions in the aftermath of their 2-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City at the weekend. Judging Unai Emery’s reign after a single defeat is, of course, absolutely preposterous, the man has to change a club with a 20-year-old, deeply entrenched philosophy. Yes, Arsenal were not great at the weekend but they lost to statistically the best Premier League side ever and showed some actual improvement over last year so it is time to calm down for those judging Arsenal as being awful.

There are plenty of other awful hot takes being bandied about as well. Chelsea are the best team ever after one decent result away at Huddersfield or that House of Fraser should’ve been brought off the bench for Newcastle. In fairness, I actually agree with that last one. Radio phone-ins are hardly the most level-headed of affairs but even by their standards, things got out of hand this weekend. So let’s just relax and stop judging teams after 90 minutes of a season.

Right, that is the early judgers locked away in Room 433 and you can read about why the transfer window is in there too, right here.