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The European Super League is probably one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of. Yes, straight in and no messing around this week. This absolute abomination of a concept needs to be locked in Room 433 almost immediately.

The outgoing Premier League chief receiving a £5 million bonus is also a travesty, and if he has any sense at least a large chunk of that should be donated to some grassroots football project. But anyway, let’s get back to the task at hand.

So, the European Super League would be a culmination of everything I hate about the modern game (well almost everything as I doubt even Mark Hughes could swindle his way into a job at these clubs).

For the uninitiated, the proposed European Super League would be a breakaway league with the top clubs in Europe playing each other every week to see who truly is the best in Europe.

It would feature a number of Premier League teams (Chelsea, Arsenal, both Manchester clubs and Liverpool) as well as some of the other top clubs in Europe such as Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Bayern, plus some specially invited guests like Atletico for example. Now, as a fantasy Football Manager concept, this sounds great. However, in real life, this would be awful.

First and foremost, the permanent members of the league cannot be relegated anywhere. So Chelsea could have one of their shocking seasons where they win about two games and face literally zero serious consequences for their form.

Simply put, this Super League is designed to make the big clubs richer and really takes the sporting element away from football, putting an even bigger emphasis than there already is on profit.

Domestic leagues for the rest of us mere mortals who don’t support teams in the elite would naturally take a hammering too. Not only would it diminish the prestige of the league if the top clubs are no longer part of it, but this European Super League would also take a significant amount of money out of the English game with smaller clubs somehow getting even further away from their elite counterparts.

The fans too would obviously suffer. Away travel and ticket costs are already a joke and now away supporters are expected to spend every other weekend jetting off to Milan or Munich or Madrid? It is simply a disgrace. Not to mention the higher quality of opposition I am sure will mean home fans are fleeced even further for season ticket prices.

So there are numerous problems with the European Super League and it goes to the very depths of Room 433. It is a concept that genuinely infuriates me and I hope it infuriates you too.