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This week we’re locking away something in Room 433 (which bares absolutely no resemblance to BBC’s Room 101 by the way) probably one of the single most complained about things in football. As long as two legged ties have existed there has been complaint and complaint after complaint about the away goals rule. Well dear reader fear no longer because if I’m running football a 2-1 defeat away from home is not a good result. Unfortunately I’m not running football (quite a lot of boring admin anyway I imagine) but here’s why we should get rid of the pesky away goal rule.

The main argument for getting rid of the away goal rule is quite simple, and its that a goal is simply a goal. No matter where scored its just about getting the ball in the back of the net and whether its a 2 yard tap in or a 50 yard bicycle kick screamer all goals count the same, so location should not be a factor. In the play offs the away goal rule is already gone and I appreciate a European away day is a different experience but come on a goal is simply put a goal. All of them should count the same.

Probably the most convincing argument for getting rid of away goals is that it makes ties very boring at times. Teams away from home if they do tend to grab an away goal sit back painfully in the home leg and quite often teams in the home legs of games are so petrified of conceding a goal that it makes the game incredibly boring with neither team particularly trying hard – see Sevillia’s match against Manchester United this season. Knockout football is meant to be exhilarating but often away goals can make it a horrendously dull affair.

Away goals can also rob us off extra time and penalties – which I find to be personally one of the most exciting prospects of knockout football. On a separate moan there is nothing more frustrating than seeing two teams park the bus in extra time, especially if we have already had to sit through 90 minutes of turgid football – but that’s another rant for another time. Away goals just make everything more boring – lets keep football simple and not needlessly over-complicate it while actively making the sport less accessible. Plus the maths of away goals is sometimes a tad confusing, especially when watching the game in the pub.

So that’s away goals in Room 433, locked away and hopefully will never return, although admittedly I haven’t checked the lock on the door for a little while. If you’ve got any footballing pet hates that you’re desperate to get out of the game and into Room 433 get in touch on Twitter @SackedITM