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Brendan Rodgers is eligible for an eight-figure compensation package if Leicester sacks him following the club’s worst start to the season since 1983 in the Premier League. According to Football Insider, a loss to Aston Villa this weekend will be the final straw for Leicester City and lead to the sacking of former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. Brendan Rodgers is the big favourite to be the next Premier League manager facing sacking, but he won’t leave Leicester empty-handed if they decide to close the plug. Premier League’s Brendan Rodgers said he is “enjoying” the challenge of keeping the team competitive this season despite facing top teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal in the first five matches of the campaign.

Brendan Rodgers has had a very successful period as Leicester City won their first-ever FA Cup. He reached the Europa League semi-finals in recent seasons. Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers said, “it’s not the club which was two years ago”, and said the team “didn’t get the help they needed” in the transfer market this summer after seeing him stay at the bottom of the Premier League standings after losing 1-0 to Manchester United. He spoke of Leicester City being “unstable”; they are no longer the same club they were two years ago, weaker teams that need help but haven’t been helped. Many of his players were not as good as they thought, and their time at the club was coming to an end – they created a negative narrative that lasted all summer. 

A disappointing start to the Premier League with just one point from six games left manager Brendan Rodgers unhappy, with fans expressing strong dissatisfaction and bosses providing detailed explanations in fixture notes. Step on the water, but sink to the bottom of the table. Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers is currently the favourite to leave the club, while the Foxes are still looking for their first win after losing five of their first six games. Roy Keane called Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester team shameful after complaining on Sunday of a 5-2 loss to Brighton, bringing the former Celtic manager closer to being sacked. Last week, the manager reiterated that he was not interested in standing still.

Whatever way you look at it, Leicester City‘s season has gotten off to a pretty terrible start. They are now stuck at the bottom of the Premier League, three points below the others, with only one point and 16 goals allowed in their first six games. Leicester’s defensive struggles this year may not be all that shocking. The departure of Fofana leaves a significant gap, but they also lost Kasper Schmeichel over the summer. While some might argue that Schmeichel was past his prime when he left for Nice, it takes significant defensive restructuring to replace a goalkeeper who has held the position for the previous 11 years.