Chatting Wham

Marshmallow Hands

So the Mighty Reds assumed their pre-season games on Saturday beginning with a 7-0 win over Chester and followed it up last night with a 3-2 win over Tranmere. All business as usual on the face of it, yes, yes, very positive, all that lark. Watch the game? Because if you did you’d have seen the absolute clanger that Loris Karius dropped that led to Tranmere’s second goal last night. Tony Jabroni takes a free-kick, Karius has it covered, let’s it bounce off his chest and into the path of Harry Nomark to score for Tranmere. In any other pre-season for any other player, but Karius’ previous will mean he’s going to be singled out for this. It didn’t help that he made the exact same mistake during the warm up at Chester on Saturday which the LFCTV camera’s caught during the pre-game build up. Listen Loris, I like you, you seem like a really nice kid and you’re dead good looking and that. But this isn’t working, is it? A ‘keeper should be ugly, have at least broken his nose a couple of times, and not cry at the end of games. I didn’t want it to be this way lad, I really didn’t. It’s time to move on though.

England Enthusiasm Update

Yeah, I just wasn’t into England at all before the World Cup. They play a million miles away from where I live in front of fans that are a million miles away from being my type of people. The players all come from clubs I hate and the manager had one previous job in professional football, which he managed to get sacked from because he got his team relegated. Thanks but no thanks, was basically my attitude towards them. Not now though. These lads have managed to turn it all around. They seem so much more relaxed than the ‘Golden Generation’ were, probably because that team had so much pressure on them. They are also so relatable and easy to like. The manager is the same too. Gone is the stigma of Middlesbrough for Gareth Southgate, here is adulation of taking England to the brink of their first World Cup final in fifty two years. I still classify myself as biased neutral but I think I might even cheer if they score tonight. Whisper it quietly – COME ON ENGLAND!

International Management > Club Management

The fact that Gareth Southgate is doing so well though has sort of had me scratching my head though. He failed at Middlesbrough but is flying with England. It’s so strange. Then I thought of other managers who have done the same. Chris Coleman: Failed at Fulham, Real Sociedad and Coventry City, but took Wales to the Euro 2016 semi-final. Roberto Martinez: OK, won the F.A Cup with Wigan, but got the relegated the same season and only lasted two years at Everton. Yet, here he is, just taken a classy Belgium side to the semi-final and remained competitive throughout. Maybe there is some traction in my theory then, which is that international management is easier than club management. Think about it. You work a frantic pace constantly in club management, having to remain motivated and innovative everyday. Whereas in international management you only have to do this once every couple of months, once every couple of years to win trophies. Might apply for Germany job next month. My Football Manager C.V may just be enough to help me get it.