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Disrespect to Respect

Maurizio Sarri turns childminder in Battle at the Bridge. Chelsea and Manchester United was always going to be one of the best fixtures of the season. Jose returning to the Bridge again, where he won three titles. (This was made clear as Mourinho gestured “tres” to the Chelsea fans.) I’m almost certain he would have liked to gesture something else. However this behaviour in recent weeks has landed him with hefty fines. Not implying that he’s short of money, just feel Mourinho would enjoy being out of the way of the press and journalists. HA WHO AM I TRYING TO KID.

Competitive is one of many objectives you could use to describe this fixture, emotions aside, the football on display was of the highest quality. Not only was it competitive on the field it was also a tasty affair from the technical areas. Mourinho only came with one intention on his return to Stamford Bridge, that was to win. Ensuring Chelsea fans and the press would have nothing to say.

With ninety six minutes played I’m certain that most newspaper’s and journo’s would have had their stories already printed. Martial had took the game by the dogs gonads when he flipped the fixture on its head. Giving Mourinho’s Red’s a 2-1 lead. It was then the ninety seventh minute that set the game a light.


If only United could have defended one last set piece. The latest Premier League goal was scored this weekend, and of course it came for Chelsea. To level the game. Against old boss Mourinho. It was Ross Barkley’s 97th minute goal that levelled the game and split the points evenly. With all eyes then on Jose, he seemed to have took it rather gracefully.


One of Chelsea FC & Sarri’s backroom staff acted a fool. As they rightly celebrated Barkley’s equaliser the assistant ran directly in front of Jose. (Mourinho still calm – for now.) Then the assistant decided that Mourinho was still to calm for his liking. As he then crossed Mourinho again he then goaded the Portuguese and sparked a big reaction.

Assistant gets the bite he wants

Creating the main headlines for this fixture. Mourinho jumped up out of his seat, and attempted to fight past the stewards to get to Chelsea’s assistant. Don’t think he wanted to talk neither.

The tussle lasted no longer than 30 seconds but it was definitely a heated few moments. Perhaps the stewards saved Jose another fine.

Sarri settles things like a man or should I say mum? 

All respect goes to Chelsea boss Maurizo Sarri. The Chelsea manager calmed the situation approached Mourinho immediately and apologised for what his assistant had done. Sarri wasn’t happy at all by the reaction of his colleague and I’m sure he would have known about this after the events. Both post match interviews were heavily focused on the incident in which Mourinho stated that the press was trying to blame him saying it had been “twisted” and told press he “want’s to move on from the situation.” Which was refreshing for journalist to here from the Chosen One. It is believed that all parties apologised and the events have been forgotten.

Well seems the lesson you learn when you’re youngest of your parents. “An apology fixes everything” clearly does. Even the oldest of adults follow the little kids rule.