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Trophies. what does it mean to win a trophy in today’s day and age? That you are successful? The FA Cup never did much good for media dream Louis van Gaal.

For a big club, does it even matter now? Does finishing in the top four on a yearly basis, then sending out your U10s at Wolves to get beaten in the FA Cup, still equate to being a successful season? Could I stop asking questions and just get on with this week’s piece?

(By the way, it has no relevance with the rest of the column).

The biggest tie of the Champions League’s round-of-16 was arguably Liverpool vs Bayern Munich. And to say it never lived up to its billing was an understatement. Jordan Henderson (or Hendo as me and the rest of his closest mates like to call him) must have consumed a few Duracell batteries because he was everywhere.

I’m sure Liverpool supporters could afford a laugh after discovering how Emre Can’s night was in Madrid. With the score 0-0 on the 80th-minute mark, former Red Emre Can, still awaiting his first start in the Champions League this season, was introduced as a substitute. Ten minutes later, the match finished Atlético 2, Juventus 0.

He must have had his mind elsewhere, like whether his agent could pitch his client to any hair gel companies to advertise their products.

Raheem Sterling made the headline this week for all the wrong reasons… again.

Following Man City’s 4-1 win at Newport County, Raheem Sterling posed for a pic with the brave Newport County youth player who has been racially abused. Nothing wrong with that you say? Wrong. The Daily Mail will have noticed Sterling was wearing flip flops. That’s right. FLIP FLOPS.


On Wednesday night, Man City ground out a 3-2 win at Schalke, despite giving away two penalties and having Nicholas Otamendi sent off. Sterling managed to pop up and score a late winner for Pep’s men, who will have feel justice was served after more VAR issues.

As soon a Sterling scored, he caused thousands of German senior citizens and children to cry spontaneously. Again, disgusting.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not the biggest fan of the Daily Mail.

Stubborn Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri looks more unlikely to finish the season with Chelsea as each week progresses. That ‘Sarri ball’ everybody was raving about at the beginning of the season, has truly burst.

During the 2-0 loss at home to Man United in the FA Cup, Chelsea fans were heard jeering Saari’s choices of substitutions. Saari may have thought he never had any quality options on the bench. With Willian, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Olivier Giroud available, I beg to differ. Contrary to popular belief, they do have a really good team.

They are just being hindered by the manager and his tobacco smoke. It got worse for them yesterday when they were handed a two-window transfer ban.

Spurs managed to overcome their two-year ban pretty well, could Chelsea achieve the same? That’s where having about 50 players out on loan comes in handy.

I hope Adrien Rabiot enjoyed Christmas last year because it could get awkward at the next family reunion. Due to his agent’s failure to get him a move to Barcelona last summer, he has decided to sack her. There was one important detail that I left out. His agent was his mother.

It sounds like a plot from Dream Team, that brilliant show which was aired on Sky One a few years ago.

Bring it back. After they cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine a few months ago, mass protests on social media eventually forced the decision to be reversed.

You know what to do.

Have a great weekend everyone.