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On Saturday, Leeds scored a truly beautiful goal, that in the end, had total irrelevance. The irrelevance comes from the sheer fact that it was about two minutes of the game in which we were brilliant. The other ninety-seven minutes of the game, we were, in fact, terrible.

What defined the goal, even more, was that we barely had a look-in for 45 minutes then all of a sudden, a moment of brilliance changes the game.

It was Samu Saiz with an absolutely outrageous pass to Berardi who flapped it to Klich, who eventually scored.

It is easy to praise Marcelo Bielsa for this style of football. However, it needs to work for ninety minutes. Not two; I’d say that is a given.

In hindsight, at the start of the move for this goal, Peacock-Farrell should have lumped it forward as he received the ball. He was, however, composed and continued to pass it around the back.

This was much the same story for the rest of the game. Blackburn were more than happy though to let us have the ball and wait for us to make mistakes. The mistakes kept coming.

Long story short, you cannot defend corners like we did and expect to win.

And it has to be said that it was the most Leeds performance I had seen in a while.

For the first time this season, I’m confidently saying that Bielsa was outwitted, tactically. You only have to look at Mowbray’s post-match comments to realise how well they prepared.

He knew our weaknesses on corners and they exploited that as successfully as they could have done. Two goals from corners to win the game.

An interesting contrast that will come up is Bielsa’s stubbornness to Leeds fans’ patience. Bielsa openly states how much he will not deviate from his plan. His plan B is making plan A work.

Bielsa is a demanding man. He has walked out on jobs for not getting what he wants. I have no doubt he would not be here unless he was happy with the squad he inherited.

My personal belief is that, beyond our strongest eleven, the squad players are less able to employ his style of play.

I think there was a certain juxtaposition between two defeats in thirteen but still a general feeling of slight uncertainty with two wins in eight.

But nonetheless, onto Ipswich at home Wednesday, who sit bottom of the Championship. Whilst this league is expert at producing irritating results, Ipswich have one win all season. It makes it a game that perhaps increases uncertainty should we not come away with anything.

As irrelevant as our goal became, there’s no doubt we have scored more eye-catching goals this season combined, than perhaps the last five seasons. Of course, we are all enjoying it.

But to bring out the inner pessimist, we undoubtedly need more. That is, because, the biggest talking point of the weekend was a Leeds fan dressed as Jimmy Saville. Jesus Christ, when will the Saville stuff go away?