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In my last article for 92nd Minute News, I reviewed each Premier League team’s home kits for the 2018/2019 campaign. In the end, Watford secured the top spot with a score of 10/10 while Southampton failed to live up to my expectations with an abysmal 2/10. But teams don’t always wear their home kits. What about the away kits, the third kits and the alternative kits? Someone has to review them too! Here are the best and worst of the 2018/2019 season.

Best Away Kits

Leicester City (away kit)

I’m sure there are a select few out there who will find this outfit unpleasant. There’s always someone. But to me, the orange highlights make this uniform pop. The rest of the jersey is a lovely colour. I honestly don’t know what that colour is. Grey? Steel Blue? Forest Green? Either way, Adidas has done a great job of making this bizarre patterned look aesthetically pleasing.

Manchester United (third kit) 

Again, like Leicester’s away kit, this inclusion could divide opinion. The shimmering charcoal colour with golden logos is a work of art. Adidas have also made this kit from recycled ocean plastics, so bonus points for saving the planet. Once you look at it, you can’t look away.

Wolves (away kit)

To avoid any confusion, it’s the white one. The all white one. The beautifully, simplistic white one. It’s Real Madrid in disguise. There isn’t much to say about the design, as it is basically a white cloth with the signature black Adidas stripes. Sometimes less is more. Well… that is until the first grass stain. A kit man’s nightmare.

Newcastle United (away kit)

If Wolves away looks like Real Madrid, then it looks like El Clasico is coming to the Prem. The Newcastle away kit looks suspiciously like a Barcelona kit. It works though. It’s not the traditional Newcastle look. Perhaps Rafa Benitez is hoping the Catalan look will turn St. James’ Park into the Camp Nou.

Worst Away Kits

Crystal Palace (away kit)

Apparently, the sash symbolizes a historic Crystal Palace look. I’m sure this is lovely for the Palace fans, but it just looks ugly. Instead of Premier League footballers, Roy Hodgson’s men will look like pageant contestants. All in all, the whole look is a bit lost on me. I’d suggest passing on this purchase.

Huddersfield Town (alternative kit)

My eyes! My eyes! They hurt! Is it a football kit or a luminous construction vest? Most of the Umbro kits look disappointing this year, but this takes the cake. As simple as it was for me to like the Wolves away kit, it’s just as simple for me to dislike this one. Hopefully, Huddersfield play exciting football this season otherwise they will figuratively and literally look like pylons.

Liverpool (third kit)

Thank god Liverpool have started playing attractive football, otherwise, this kit would quickly put viewers to sleep. It’s bleak, it’s drab and it’s just depressing. It looks like New Balance took a bunch of spare fabric clippings and sewed them together. What is the purpose of this abstract look? To confuse the opposition maybe? Next.

Southampton (third kit)

I’m having flashbacks to the old, weathered, hand-me-down football kits from my time at high school. The jerseys were worn year after year, then handed down to the next group of players who dreaded pulling on these old tattered rags. This Southampton kit looks lifeless and boring. As soon as I look at it, I just want to look away.


At the end of the day, it’s the football that matters. Who cares what clothes they’re wearing! I’m sure Liverpool fans won’t mind watching Salah bag a hat-trick in a boring grey shirt against a lifeless, yet stylish, Newcastle.