Jose Mourinho Room 443 Manchester United Premier League Manager

So this one has been long overdue. Jose Mourinho is never far from the headlines, but this week, the Portuguese has really outdone himself. So before we continue any further, let’s be perfectly clear that I’m giving Jose the respect that he deserves and clearly so desperately craves. In fairness, to Mourinho does deserve some respect, the man has won two Champions Leagues, more title across the European leagues than I’ve had hot meals this decade and is a genuine winner. Well, at least he was. At this point, I’m absolutely sick to death of Mourinho and here is why he is being banished to Room 433.

Mourinho is no stranger to a crisis, this is abundantly clear through both spells and even towards the end of his Real Madrid days. But the press conference shenanigans, the general miserable tone and, of course, the pretty average football means that enough is enough. Jose Mourinho is no longer amusing when things are going wrong but rather the man has become very irritating and gets so much coverage it has become tiresome. Admittedly, I’m not particularly helping with that second point.

Unfortunately for Jose, his style of football is becoming antiquated at the highest level.  Ironically, he is becoming more and more comparable to arch-rival and ‘specialist in failure’ Arsene Wenger as he pursues with the same style continually even though it does not work anymore and you only have to look at the likes of Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester City to see this.

The way Mourinho treats his players can be pretty embarrassing too. This fallout with Pogba simply has to be put aside for the good of the club as on his day, Pogba should be Manchester United’s centrepiece. Then there was saga over Anthony Martial in the summer with Jose fining the bloke for spending time with his newborn child. Of course, the way he has bad mouthed Luke Shaw in public is well-documented.

Mourinho’s press conference antics are also pretty tiresome at this point. The turning up early to throw journalists off or the storming out demanding respect feels very tired at this point. Perhaps the media is a bit obsessed with seeing Jose fail but he is hardly going the right way about deflecting this negativity away is he?

The Mourinho routine is just tired in every respect at this point and I have no real desire to see him managing in the Premier League anymore. So, Jose, I’m afraid its a permanent stay in Room 433 for you alongside other footballing annoyances such as agents and away goals.