You get nowt for being second

A Premier League 2?! You read that correctly. A new TV deal has been announced with Sky Sports and the EFL which has come under enormous scrutiny.

The gap of money between the Premier League and the Football League has always vastly overwhelming. Despite the channel all but being named Sky Sports Leeds in recent years, the money they will receive every season can’t even come into the same category as the Premier League.

So where on earth is this idea of a Premier League 2 coming from??

Well reportedly, 15 of the 24 Championship clubs have had enough and are opposed to the idea of persisting the belittling amount of money currently on offer from Sky.

So much so that four of the biggest clubs which are said to include Aston Villa, Forest, Leeds and Derby, have proposed to the rest that they threaten to break away from the Championship.

Such threats have been firmly dismissed by the EFL and have made their own threats that this will not result well for them.

Be right back, just fetching the handbags.

Nonetheless, most of these clubs are said to be holding a meeting hosted at Villa Park today to discuss what their next move will be following the announcement of the deal.

Is their method behind their madness? I mean there doesn’t seem to be a plausible outcome to all this.

You can’t argue with the numbers. Leeds were on Sky more than any championship last season. Also more than half the Premier League. Burnley, who were televised a mere seven times last season, made more than 90% more in revenue as opposed to what Leeds made.

The numbers are staggering when you go into it.

Okay, there’s the argument of the Premier League demand, hence the large money.

But the demand is clearly there for several Championship teams. More so than the Premier League in some ways. The likes of Leeds, Derby and Villa are on Sky more than several Premier League clubs because of the sheer viewing figures they get. Surely that’s where the money should be justified upon?

Nevertheless, Sky Sports Leeds will continue to reign whilst we are still in the Championship. And the chants of Sky TV is f*****g s**t will continue to ring around from Leeds fans. This despite Sky’s attempt to mute it.

If we actually consider the ludicrous idea of an actual Premier League 2, it does seem far-fetched. However, whether we or any of the other clubs go up this year, the frustration will remain.

Perhaps especially more so from the relegated clubs that suddenly lose tens of millions.

Thankfully, we are past the days of our previous crazy Italian owner. I’ll never forget Massimo Cellino actually refusing to let the Sky cameras into Elland Road. It was a short-lived protest once the EFL threatened a points deduction.

Premier League clubs are guaranteed £100 million from television rights every season. There is undoubtedly an argument here. It has to be said though, any drastic increase in revenue for EFL teams is unlikely.