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Klopp mic-drop

What happened to Jurgen Klopp at the weekend? I’m a massive Klopp fan obviously, I mean I want him to be my dad ffs. That being said, I haven’t got a clue what he was thinking after the West Brom game on Saturday. Does he really expect any opponent to turn up and roll over for us just because we need he points? I honestly don’t think he does. The only thing I can think of to defend him is that he was trying to deflect attention away from the fact Liverpool had just dropped two points from a comfortable position against a side bottom of the league, by saying something controversial. It’s an old Mourinho tactic that has served Jose well for a long time. For Klopp to do it though was just strange. Jurgen, I love you and I’m here, and I honestly mean both of those things – no, really, anytime lad just give me a bell and I’ll meet you in Woolton Village for a bevy – but please don’t do this again. You’ve got me worried here mate.

Here comes the North London Red parade

Poor Arsene Wenger, eh. For a couple of years now he has been practically hounded out of the club and now when he finally takes the hint, everyone is eulogising over him. It’s only now he has decided to leave that you see the impressive job he has managed to accomplish. Between 2004 and 2014 when all of his rivals around him were spending hundreds of millions to remain competitive, do you know what Arsene Wenger did? Made a profit in the transfer market AND kept pace with everyone. That is astonishing! OK, so they’ve dropped off a little the past two years but that can’t take away from what Wenger has achieved at that club. The sickening thing though is the way people are talking about. People who have been trying their best to get him out of the club are going on about him like he’s irreplaceable. It’s like hating someone intensely while their alive and then claiming to be their best mate once they die. Honestly, lads, it’s fucking pathetic and nobody’s buying it.

Bottled it again

Did anyone really think Spurs would beat Manchester United on Saturday in the F.A Cup semi-final? Spurs have been impressive this season, not as good as the past two seasons but impressive nonetheless. They comfortably beat United at Wembley earlier this year and playing at the home of English football looked like it might have helped get them over their Wembley jitters. But seriously, did anybody see that going any other way than what it did? Once United scored one they were always going to get another, and once they got that they were never going to concede an equaliser. That’s what Mourinho does – he cunts his way to victory. I back them to win the whole thing now, although, to quote Gary Neville, picking one of these to win like picking a fella to nick your wife…Fucking hell, I’m even quoting Manc.