Chatting Wham

Kick in the Puel’s

I see Leicester are at it again then. First they managed to shift on Claudio Ranieri, probably the single most successful manager in the clubs history, because they didn’t like him for some reason. Then they were so bad for Craig Shakespeare that they got his snakey arse sacked after just eight or so games at the beginning of the season. Now poor Claude Puel is being shafted out of his second Premier League job in as many seasons. It was going so well for Claude as well, he seemed the man to stabilise Leicester when he moved them away from the relegation zone and into the European places. The wheels have come off towards the back end of the season, however, and some have said it now looks like his players aren’t playing for him anymore. Anymore? It’s been, effectively, half a season! These players have now been through three managers in sixteen months if Puel gets the elbow. At what point does the owner say, “nah boys, you’re taking the piss”, and bail them?

Phoning it in

Arsene Wenger la, doing what we all do in our last week at work. He went to Manchester United on Sunday and played a team full of kids and second choice players. Know what Arsene, good on you mate. Those bastards down there have treated you like shit for the past six or seven years now lad, you owe them nothing. You gave them some of the best years of your life, the greatest teams that they and this country have ever seen, and transformed their club from a mid-table pub side into a European force. What thanks do you get for that? How do they show their appreciation? They hound you out of the club. They boo you during every game. Now they’ve got what they wanted, they don’t even show their gratitude. It’s says something when your biggest rivals for years show make more of a fuss about you leaving than your own fans do. Know what lad, fuck them. Play Ospina up front next week, why not.

Not bad for a side that doesn’t matter anymore

Liverpool seem to have fallen out with a lot of people lately. During Harry Kane’s embarrassing, and successful, attempt to steal a team-mates goal Spurs fans took great delight in rubbing it into Liverpool fans. They thought that because Mo Salah and Harry Kane were neck and neck at the top of the Premier League goal-scoring charts, and now Kane was only five goals behind Salah instead of the six he should have been, that this made us rivals. They legit thought Liverpool fans were fuming because we, like the rest of the nation of have some common sense, were bemused that a player would do that a team-mate. Then Man City fans decided they were now our new rivals because people had criticised them for spending so much money to win the league, so they pointed out how much Liverpool had spent SINCE THE PREMIER LEAGUE BEGAN TWENTY SIX YEARS AGO. Who can be arsed working that out?! Honestly fella, have a day off. The pair of you aren’t even a big deal in the Europa League yet.