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Getting stuff boxed

No sooner had the Champions League finished last Saturday was I sat in my bills feeling sorry for myself on a wasted Bank Holiday Monday. That was until I checked Twitter at around 8:30 that night and saw the news that Fabinho was rumoured to be signing for Liverpool. I hadn’t even had time to process that when, half an hour later, the pictures emerged from Melwood of him wearing a Liverpool shirt and signing his contract. There he was, apparently supposed to be signing for Manchester United that week, swanning around the gaff in a Liverpool shirt. I started to look at some of the tweets from United fans and it only made things even better. Most proclaimed that he was the man that Jose Mourinho wanted, some even went as far as saying they were getting a better deal than Man City were – who were supposed to be signing Fred. The fact that Liverpool were getting over a Champions League defeat so quickly made me feel better. The amount of United fans whose heads will have fell off at their supposed primary target for the summer signing for us cheered me up no end.

World Cup fever

Yes lads and ladies, it’s starting to set in. I mentioned last week that I was starting to get in the mood of the World Cup but now, with just nine days until the first kick off, I am truly excited. I have ordered my wall chart, I have been binge watching the History Channel on my mates Sky Go (thanks Andy Simms) and I have ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’ on standby. As you may know, RonnieDog Media have been featuring a number of great articles over on footballfootball.football and my allocated team is Uruguay. I have dove head first into my new team and made myself an adopted Uruguayan. I have my eyes on a Uruguay shirt on Ebay (I’m defo not paying £60 for one from SportsDirect) and I’m force feeding my kids mate, a traditional South American tea I’ve seen Luis Suarez drink on Instagram, everyday. I’m fucking pumped. VAMOS LA CELESTE!

Karius concussion

So it just so happens that Sergio Ramos elbows Loris Karius in the head and the poor kid ends up with concussion, which doctors who have been treating him this week say could have impeded his ability to do his job. I feel sorry for the lad to be honest. He makes two horrendous mistakes in the biggest game of his life and is pilloried for them. The whole time though he couldn’t even see straight. A lot of people may need to eat some humble pie on this one, including the Daily Mirror. They have published today that Liverpool fans online have been asking for the game to be replayed. In their article they have shown no evidence of these ridiculous claims to back up what they’re printing. Let’s get one thing straight; Real Madrid, regardless of Mo Salah’s injury or Loris Karius’ concussion, deserved their win. No one is asking for a rematch because that is fucking stupid. Not as stupid as printing pure lies though.