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Four more days

Tell me, without sulking or turning your head away, that you aren’t jealous of Liverpool fans right now. You can’t, can you? Because everyone is and rightly so. In four days time we play Real Madrid in Kyiv for the Champions League. The excitement is beyond bearable now, I am absolutely out of control with it. It’s on my mind every six seconds. I even find myself talking about it in work in the middle of lessons. “So, if the writer is using emotive language to induce empathy in the reader, will Real Madrid be able to contain Mohamed Salah?” This isn’t great with the GCSE’s just around the corner. The flags are up, the kids have been briefed about what this games means, I’ve even binned off a day out for my nan’s birthday to Chester Zoo in favour of going to watch the open top bus parade on Sunday. This is what it’s about fellas, this is why we watch football and why we support this club.

Nothing to be proud of

I watched the F.A Cup final on Saturday like the rest of you (I seriously hope you did instead of the alternative). Luckily, I missed the first half because I was at Asda buying grass seed but if the second half was anything to go by then that was a good decision. I saw the score and thought, “is right, it’ll be interesting to see what Mourinho will tell his side to do now the shoe is on the other foot.” Well, it turned out to be not very interesting, not very interesting at all. Two sides who weren’t comfortable in attacking for different reasons made for one of the dullest F.A Cup finals in recent memory. Chelsea won but it was nothing to be proud of in fairness, which, quite frankly, made Antonio Conte’s celebrations on the touchline a tad embarrassing. Both Conte and Mourinho got some abuse from their respective fans after the game, Mourinho to the extent that he has had to delete his Instagram account. The only thing more embarrassing than his side’s display at the weekend is that he is a 53-year-old man with an Instagram account.

The merry-go-round massacre

What the hell happened last week?! In the space of six days a monumental four managers were relieved of their duties at their now former clubs. Ricardo Carvalhal, Sam Allardyce, Paul Lambert and David Moyes – R.I.P lads, we hardly knew ye. Well, in fact we knew ye too well which dilutes the sympathy for them. It was almost like the managerial merry-go-round had malfunctioned and caused a massacre at the fair. Where do these boys go from here? Who do these clubs have in mind? Hopefully the fellas will take their rightful places managing Sunday league sides, while the clubs start to look at younger, fresher ideas from younger, fresher managers. The early signs are good with Stoke asking for permission to speak to Gary Rowett and West Brom giving Darren Moore the job full time. You know that those guys are just a poor run away from gifting the dinosaurs another go to ‘prove themselves’. Be arsed with anymore Sam Allardyce la.