Get to know your writing team.

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Chris Darwen, Editor-in-Chief 

Gave up on trying to write serious football stuff before I’d even started. If I make one person smile today reading my rambles then it will be one more than I expected.

Abhishek Pancholi, Columnist

Huge Chelsea fan who loves sharing my opinion about the club and the Premier League, follow me on Twitter.

Andrew Flint, Head of Content

Columnist, Betting Advice, Travel Photojournalist based in Russia.

Andy Costigan, Columnist

Everton through and through, love writing about the Toffees and other footballing stories, follow me on Twitter.

Art de Roche, Editorial Team

Sub-editor and Daily Content Manager, love writing about my beloved Arsenal, follow me on Twitter.

Billy Munday, Columnist

Life-long Chelsea supporter, often found taking the Mickey out of my club or the entire league, follow me on Twitter.

Bob Priestley, Columnist

Hi, I’m Bob Priestley. You may know me from other RDM content such as Curb It Like Alan, The Weekly Sermon and The P45 Podcast. Occasionally, I run the @SackedITM twitter account. I also enjoy making references.

Cameron Eyles, Columnist

Boro fan for my sins, love sharing my funny footie thoughts, follow me on Twitter.

Dariel Lim, Columnist

Massive(ly disappointed) AFC fan from the sunny shores of Singapore. Love writing and taking the odd #35mm photo.

David Black, Columnist

Classic Championship Manager addict, Newcastle United fan, love writing about both. Follow me on Twitter.

Eion Smith, Columnist

Host of the P45 Podcast; site lead for LiverpoolFCHQ; Daily Content Manager for Ronnie Dog Media and editor of The Long Ball magazine.

Jack Towers, Columnist

Often found ranting about my beloved Leeds United, follow me on Twitter.

James Davies, Columnist

Cardiff City supporter, love poking the finger of fun at football, follow me on Twitter.

Jamie Brackpool, Columnist

Hi, I’m Jamie. I love a good ole’ football match as much as the next fan, but sometimes 90-minutes isn’t quite enough. That’s why, each week, I’ll be posting stories about all the Premier League shenanigans that happen after the 90th-minute.

Jim Salveson, Columnist

I am the warped mind behind On The Left Side the (award-nominated you know?) Funny Football Show found on GSITM. Its the ideal accompaniment to all those serious football podcasts you listen to… you won’t find any statistics of analysis there, just a load of funny stuff from the last few days of football. I have worked in radio as a producer and presenter for the last 20 years and currently, amongst other things, have the pleasure of hosting a football phone-in alongside some footballing legends, in what is (currently) the centre of the footballing universe: Manchester. You can find me in various places via the links below or in person if you hide behind the wheelie bins outside my house.

Josh Butler, Columnist

I play a fair bit of football and write a fair bit about football. Centre-forward whose favourite ever player was a Norwegian centre-half with no knees.

Liam Divilly, Columnist

Still call it the UEFA Cup, I follow a foreign team and yet despise modern football. Basically yer da but thirty years younger. Irish student and LFC supporter.

Luke Glanville, Editorial Team

Full-time Staff Writer and content sub-editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group – Site Lead for West Ham Matters.

Ola Bjerkevoll, Editorial Team

Daily Content Manager and sub-editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, follow me on Twitter.

Peter Lynch, Editorial Team

Sub-editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, Liverpool fan, follow me on Twitter.

Rowan Nevin, Columnist

Columnist for GSITM, Bristol Rovers fan, follow me on Twitter.

Tim Adams, Editorial Team

Sub-editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, United fan, follow me on Twitter.