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If you have arrived at gettingsackedinthemorning.com you’d better not be looking for something too serious. Or educational. Or analytical. Or even 100% accurate.

gettingsackedinthemorning.com is a website that points the finger-of-fun at all things football. After all, the game we all love has become a bit of a circus, hasn’t it? The Premier League is more of a soap opera than Coronation Street (ask your Mum) nowadays so we feel it is our duty to make fun of it at every single opportunity. And boy, are there opportunities.

That’s right – we provide you daily funny football news. That’s Daily Funny Football News (the capital letters hammer the point home a little bit more for you).

So if you like the funny side of the Premier League then our daily funny football news will make your commute, lunch, first coffee, whatever much, much better.

You might recognise some of the writers on gettingsackedinthemorning.com – they graced Tales from the Top Flight before being given free transfers.

We exist to make your day at work just that little bit brighter. Hopefully, in that respect, we are more at the Pep Guardiola end of success than the end Alan Pardew resides at.

Remember what we provide you – Daily Funny Football News.

If you need to contact us or want to write for us or want to advertise with us– get in touch!

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