About Us

Nothing can quite beat the sound of chanting “You are getting sacked in the morning, you are getting sacked in the morning” when in the stands at a rival opposition’s manager, is there?

Getting Sacked In The Morning was created with the view to having a lighter look at the wonderful game of football.

Football can quite clearly be the end-all for many football fans throughout the season as it can make or break many weeks or months (even years!) at times should a club go through a rather turbulent period in its history.

On the flip side, it can also bring some of the better and happier memories to an individual if their team is successful – nothing like being crowned the Champions after a long campaign!

However, away from the pitch (or sometimes on it!), there can be stories that make us all laugh and here we look to give them a place to flourish and get them seen by a mass audience.

We are the home of the Award Winning On The Left Side podcast that brings a number of laughs about news surrounding the beautiful game whilst also looking at some of the biggest stories to have originated over the week with a lighter look.

Our Pick on the Pundits feature is a written-version packed with laughs about what recent remarks those that have been paid some extortionate sums of money for but add absolutely nothing to the discussion.

These are just some of the content strands we aim to bring to you, with plenty of other great articles available to read!

If you can look at the game in a different way from the serious way, and in a rather satirical way to give fans something to laugh about, then why not apply to write for us and bring something else to the table?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!

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